Two Scoops of Django

I recently purchased this book and I have to say, I am blown away by the amount of information contained in this edition.

The book is written by husband and wife team, Daniel and Aubrey Greendfeld. Daniel is a serious Djanognaut. If you have not already done so, fork their GitHub repo, Cookie Cutter Django and have a look at their custom User class extending the AbstractUserClass. It works very nicely.

It is by far the most in-depth starting Django build you can imagine.

They cover everything from separation of the environments, local, dev, QC and production. How to save your encryption and OAuth keys in special environment variables so these values are never part of your source control. They also spend a bit of time discussing Git and setting up virtual environments.

The sections on Class-based views and Function-based views are very detailed and informative.

This book is well worth the money.

I will be using a lot of their advice for Django best practices in the future posts.

Edit: this book has been updated for Django 1.8. Link

Craig Derington

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